martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

Cost Reduction Ideas

We are pleased to announce that some of our articles are published in English in order to promote the global exchange of ideas on how to reduce costs and expenses.

One of the ideas that we promote to reduce costs and expenses in business is to work at home or telework, we are of the opinion that this is a very important formula for generating jobs.
To manage the current economic crisis is very important share experiences and ideas on how to solve the various problems facing business.
Surviving and thriving in such competitive business world requieres dynamic action planning.
These options work at home must be accompanied by a well-designed program of implementation to avoid risks and loss of confidentiality of information.
The program and procedures should be as simple and straightforward as posible the employee should not have doubts about the tasks.
The companies that decide to implement telework should analises the technology requirements related to management of telework and an explanatory investigation of contractual arrangements for telework employement, and implications for technology and service development.
We must also realize the definition of schedules, to handle calls about the work developed.
See you until the next publication.

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